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Welcome to My Fundraising Page

Eric Fadie

I am pleased to join South Oakland Shelter (SOS) as a celebrity dancer in the 9th annual Dancing with the Detroit Stars gala event to be held on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 7 pm until midnight at The Townsend Hotel in Birmingham. I hope you will join me for an electrifying evening filled with twists, twirls, and intrigue—all for a good cause.

All proceeds raised leading up to and during the event will directly benefit the men, women, and children involved with South Oakland Shelter’s emergency shelter and housing programs. Since its founding, SOS has cared for more than 12,208 homeless children and adults. Partnering with 83 congregations, SOS operates a rotating shelter system to house and feed the homeless populations. Annually, over 8,000 volunteers commit approximately 42,000 hours of in-kind support to provide over 33,000 meals and 11,000 nights of shelter. In order to continue its great work, SOS needs our help!

Support me and my dancing adventures as I fundraise for South Oakland Shelter and the great work they are doing for the homeless men, women, and children in our community! Thank you.

- Eric


Eric's Bio:

Eric Fadie Always wanted to be in radio broadcasting. After high school he saved up for an attended Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and earned a degree in Radio Broadcasting. Finding a job was not easy so in order to go back and take an internship with the popular Detroit Morning show Drew and Mike he had to go back to school. So he enrolled in Oakland Community College and earned his associates degree in communication while also interning for the Drew and Mike show.

Once Eric’s internship ended he landed his first radio job at a small station on the west side of the state in Holland, MI. He worked there for just over a year when he Mike Wolters (former producer on the Drew and Mike show) offered him a role on his new podcast he was also doing with Mike Clark called The Detroit Cast. It was a gamble leaving his first paid radio job for a unpaid position on a podcast but he thought it would be worth it.

He has now worked on The Detroit Cast for 4 years and it was the best decision he has made. The podcast has grown bigger than even he thought and continues to grow. He also regularly performs standup comedy throughout the state, mostly in the open mic scene but is starting to get paid gigs here and there. Eric and The Detroit Cast found South Oakland Shelter when they were looking to do a charity drive and thought raising money and awareness for the homeless seemed like the perfect cause.



raised of $5,000 goal


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