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Please contribute to our campaign to help Metro Detroit's homeless!

Detroit Cast

Detroit Cast

Each year, more than 27,000 people experience homelessness throughout Metro Detroit.

The Detroit Cast wants to help South Oakland Shelter (SOS) serve these thousands of men, women, and kids in need.

Please contribute to our fund-raising campaign. Our goal is to raise $25,000, which SOS will use to feed and provide shelter for less fortunate people in our community.

We are going to push hard to reach this goal during the week of February 12. We need your help. Please give generously!

Consider this:
$15 provides one night of food and shelter for a person in need (that's essentially the cost of a few beers next time you're out ... skip a few beers and help out a person in need!)

$60 provides a family with warmth and electricity for one month in their own home (that's essentially the price of a coffee a day for a month ... skip the coffee and help a family in need!)

$1,000 ($83/mo) covers the cost of a deposit to move someone out of homelessness and into housing (again, that's essentially foregoing something as small as a couple meals out each month to make a life-changing difference to a family in need!)

To learn more about the work SOS is doing in our community, or to get involved, visit their website

*Check out The Detroit Cast podcast

* Also, make sure to watch our livestream video of Big E living/sleeping on Mike's driveway during the entirety of the fundraising week.

Click on the link to watch our 24/7 "Big E-agle" cam streaming Big E's every move.


raised of $30,000 goal

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